Welcome to Hub City Kennel and Obedience Club

Welcome to Hub City Kennel and Obedience Club

About Us

Hub City Kennel and Obedience Club is located in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. 

Our Club Goals

  • Educate the public about responsible dog ownership
  • Promote purebred dogs
  • Provide public services that promote a healthy relationship with our canine companions
Our Training Goals

  • To provide accessible, reasonably priced dog training classes.
  • To teach people to enjoy their canine companions as much as we enjoy ours.
  • To give our students the basics of a strong foundation; the beginnings of multi-purpose training, dog sports, and trialling. This includes socialization, obedience, self control, and having fun with your dog and other canine lovers.
  • To teach our students to turn their dogs into well mannered, skilled members of the family that will be a joy to be around.
Our Methods

  • Our training methods are all positive, focusing on rewards (food, toys, play, etc.) with the goal of building trust, forming a bond, and having fun learning together.
  • Our classes are designed so that each level is a continuation from the previous set of classes. Should you want to start up a level, our trainers will assess where you and your dog would fit best and get the most out of our classes.
Our Trainers

  • We have skilled and experienced trainers. They focus on keeping their training knowledge and methods up to date by attending workshops and seminars regularly.
  • Our trainers are active participants and competitors in obedience, rally-o, agility, flyball, musical freestyle, earthdog, tracking, and therapy dog.
Our Members

  • Our members have a wealth of information and experience in the dog world. In addition to training and competing in dog sports, many of our members are active and successful in the show ring. Our members have decades of experience in breeding, judging and showing a multitude of breeds. We are pleased to have among our ranks two all breed conformation judges who have judged internationally.