Welcome to Hub City Kennel and Obedience Club

Welcome to Hub City Kennel and Obedience Club

Classes We Offer

All of our training is based on positive training theories and methods. Our trainers are skilled, experienced and accomplished in methods such as clicker training, free shaping, and reward-based training. We strive to keep class sizes small so that each student gets individual attention from instructors.

Unfortunately, due to time and space constraints, we do not offer all classes at all times. To find out what classes we are currently offering, please see the Current Class page or contact:
Jeannette at 374-8639 or grastar@yourlink.ca

We offer a variety of classes, including:

Puppy Class: Includes play time, introduction to clicker training, and beginning of obedience (sit, down, leash manners, come). Graduates from our puppy class can go into beginner obedience or one of the other classes depending on their skill level as determined by our trainers.

K9 Fun 101: A fun new class that includes a combination of various training aspects. Tunnels, games, recalls, weave polls/pylons, jumps, and socialization (human, dog, environment).

Conformation: Basics, practice, show ready. Includes an annual workshop with Saskatchewan's top professional handlers. (Due to limited space, we will not be offering conformation classes in 2009)

Obedience: A series of classes starting with beginner obedience and advancing to competition training for CKC Novice, Open, and Utility levels.

Rally-O: A series of classes starting with an introduction to Rally-O and advancing to competition training for CARO and/or CKC Novice, Advanced, Excellent, and Versatility levels. We require that a dog have a basic/beginner obedience class before taking one of our Rally-O classes. Before beginning Rally-O classes, dogs should have a decent sit, down, heel, and stay.

Canine Good Neighbour: This class is modeled after the CKC Canine Good Neighbour test. The class will introduce and provide instruction for each aspect of the test.

For an explanation of each sport, please see the below links:
Canine Good Neighbor