Welcome to Hub City Kennel and Obedience Club

Welcome to Hub City Kennel and Obedience Club

Verna Blanchette

Verna has always had a pet in the family while growing up, but she got her first Doberman in 1972. A lovely girl named Joy who changed everyone's opinion about the vicious Dobermans. She loved everyone and everyone loved her.

Verna joined HCKOC shortly afterwards as she knew nothing about showing dogs but fell in love with working with her Doberman girl in obedience. She raised three litters of puppies and one male made it to a Best In Show. Though this may be impressive, Verna got more pleasure from working with her dogs in obedience as it allowed them to work together.

Two female of Verna's own breeding obtained their Utility title and she has put Companion Dog Excellent titles on four others.

Verna has owned a German Pinscher out of the first litter born in Canada and imported another German Pinscher from England. They both obtained their CDX titles on the same weekend at a trial in Weyburn.

Verna has previously held the title of Obedience Director with HCKOC, and has done Agility with her dogs in the past and presently involved in Rally Obedience and Flyball. Sasha, Verna's current Doberman Pinscher has her PCD for CKC obedience and RNCL with CARO Rally obedience. Julie, her current German Pinscher, has her PCD and RN in CKC obedience and her RNCL in CARO Rally Obedience. In addition to this, Verna is a long time member of CKC.

She has always loved working with her dogs and just spending time with them. They ask so little and give so much.